Serina of the Ragdoll Friends


  • D.o.b. 5th August 2003

  • seal-colourpoint

  • blood group A

  • Breeder: A.P.v.d.Laan van Maastrigt, NL


Serina belongs to us ever since November 2003. She comes from the Netherlands.
She really is such a good girl and ever so sweet. She fearlessly discovers her territory
and is very selfconfident. As soon as someone touches her, she starts purring away.
Even our vet has problems to hear her heart beat because of her purring all of the time.
She loves to play around and needs her cuddles a few times a day.
She really strictly asks for them in a very nice manor and way.
One can get carried away by looking into her wonderful blue eyes.
Many thanks, Elly, for this adorable angel!

Update 17.04.2006 - Vulkandolls